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Dear readers,

We are very excited of starting “The Art of handmade”, this has been a dream for us, and now is becoming true. We will start sharing soon our experiences during our travels, and what we learnt from the artisans, artists, and people that we met while gathering our little treasures.

Now in the website, you can find very unique items like silver jewelry made using filigree technique, within this category there are small and big earrings, necklaces and pendants full of design, and with lots of details, bracelets with shapes and designs evoking nature, and rings that can be adjusted to the size of your fingers.

In the current collection, there is also a very exclusive line of paintings made with fique fibers, there are no two identical items in the world, when you order any of these items you can be sure that you have an unique piece. The artist will create similar art pieces based on the design, but as every fiber is added by hand, you will have an unique ornament.

We also included in the collection, a category of products that I loved since I was a little girl; my mother loves crystal, and we always had a at home some nice crystal pieces, I thought since then of having my own crystal collection. I visited together with my mother and family Prague some years ago, and we fell in love with so many beautiful vases, and bowls, the only regret we had was not having more space in our suitcases to buy more of these shiny and pristine ornaments. Some years later, this time travelling with my husband we went to Prague, and he also fell in love with the bohemian glass, so when the idea came of starting “The Art of handmade” the first place we visited was Czech Republic, and there we got all these nice glassware that you see in the bohemian glass category. Very soon, an artist from the North of Czech Republic will be included in our website.

We also want to share more about our passion for art, so very soon we will be able of posting our private collection.

Kindest regards,

Danny & Johanna


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