Wooden ornaments coated with wheat fiber

Piedad Camacho is the artist who transforms plant fibers (from Fique plant) into art. Piedad was born in Neiva, Colombia. Art is part of her family’s identity, her father violinist, and her mother is very skilled with crafts. Since she was a child she liked to make designs, this passion for shapes and figures led her to study advertising, design and fashion design.

Piedad was familiar with Fique as it is widely used in Colombia by artisans, but she was inspired and decided to take it to the next level, a classic Colombia craft made into modern designs. She gets the Fique from the native Indians in the Cauca province, then the fique is washed, softened, dyed, and combed, leaving it ready for the elaboration of each piece. Piedad uses different techniques to create her paintings; agglomerate, filigree, weave, knot, and overlapping. In 2005, she was already participating in handcraft fairs in Colombia, and nowadays she participates also in International fairs.

FIQUE is a rustic plant that grows in the Andean region of Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. The farmers in each region extract the fiber by means of mechanical processes, this material is widely used in Colombia to make hammocks, bags, hats, and decoration ornaments.