Adriana Londoño was born in Bogota, Colombia, she is an Industrial designer specialized in jewelry, with more than 8 years of experience innovating and creating unique pieces of high jewelry. Adriana is the artist who makes the agate pendants for The Art of Handmade. Craftmanship and state-of-the-art technology enable her to develop any design, even challenging pieces like the ones made with agate, that by nature are difficult to craft. Very soon Adriana will get her degree as gemologist from the University of Spain, and will design for The Art of Handmade unique emerald pendants.

The key of her success is the meticulous selection of each one of the materials, and stones of the highest quality, the care and talent to detail each piece. The pendants in agate have been designed by Adriana to bring out the best out of the stone, while using a high quality alloy of silver and palladium, next to a rhodium bath that gives the jewel a longer lasting shine.