Bowl from Guacamayas in yellow and purple


Fique is a natural fiber present in the leaves of the fique plant, this plant is native of the Andean region, especially important in Colombia, South America. The pre-Columbian inhabitants extracted and used the fique fibres for several centuries to make garments, and many other applications. Today, fique is considered the Colombian national fibre and is used in the fabrication of ethnic products, and handcrafts.

The rural community of Macaws , inhabitants of a small town named Guacamayas, located in the province of  Boyacá, Colombia, relies heavily on the use of fique to make their own utensils and as source of income. The women combine their daily household chores with the production of baskets; rich and colorful forms handwoven using the spiral technique. Natural dyes are used to give the fique their vivid colors.

d:24cm h: 13cm