Bowl 12cm


This technique consists in plating wood ornaments with wheat fibers (tamo), it is done in the south of Colombia, in the department of Nariño. This process consists of decorating wooden objects by coating with fine golden fibers from wheat.

After selecting the dry stalks, artisans open them gently and flatten using a stone. Once flattened, they are dyed or browned by exposure to heat. The fibers are glued to a tissue paper, and then this sheet is glued to the ornament.

Wheat fibers are delicate, and require skillful artisans to properly dry, dye, and make them into a wonderful designs. Within the community in Pasto it is common to hear how skillful one or other artisan is, we were simply astonished by the creativity of the designs, and tasteful mixed of colors. Every piece even when following the same pattern is unique, this technique of gluing each fiber requires lots of patience but the end results is an amazing ornament that will have no match.

Dimensions: w:12cm h:11cm