Agate pendant medium


This beautiful stone is named after ‘the Agatos’ a mythological river in the south of Sicily. The stone is known for its healing powers, and some people believe that protects during pregnancy and can bring happiness and fortune.

Natural agate is brown in color, but the beautiful agate crystal slices and agate stones have been color treated. The beauty of agate lies in these natural lines and colors within each piece. When agate stone is dyed, the colors infuse in the stone, making the beautiful patterns.

Agate started getting mined in Brazil, and recently also in Colombia. The stones in our pendants come from Villa de Leyva, Colombia, and the pendant was designed for The Art of Handmade by a Colombian artist Adriana Londono who also has her boutique in Bogota.

The pendants vary on size, color and patterns. The ring clasp was made with a high quality alloy of silver and rhodium. Due to the presence of rhodium, the pendant is brighter and will look beautiful for longer period and will be more resistant.

Length: 6cm width: 3cm